Complete Gear Manufacturing Service

ATI Gear offers complete bevel gear service for your existing machined parts. Our solid, reliable Gleason cutting and grinding machines can produce bevel gears in Straight, Spiral, Zerol®, Hypoid, Face Clutch and other configurations; in sizes from .50” up to 14.00” in diameter, pitches from 4 to 32, and gear rations up to 5:1. ATI Gear can also handle the entire gear manufacturing process from concept to delivery, including mill-certified material and outside processing such as: heat treating, non-destructive testing, cleaning, plating and coating. Whether you need bevel gears installed on an existing part or bevel-gear components manufactured complete, ATI Gear has the knowledge and equipment you need to get the job done right the first time, every time.

When it comes to bevel gear manufacturing, ATI is your “one-stop shop” with nearly forty years of precision bevel gear experience in a wide range of materials and configurations. Contact ATI Gear for your next bevel gear requirement and let us show you what we can do.

Gear Consulting Services

At ATI Gear we’ve accumulated nearly forty years of hands-on knowledge and expertise in bevel gear manufacturing. Now, you can put our decades of experience to work for you. The bevel gear professionals at ATI Gear are available for: Gear Development, Setup and Development for Bevel Gears and Curvic® Couplings, Consulting Engineering, Trouble Shooting, On-Site Source Inspection, Reverse Engineering services, and PMA Process Requirements.

Our Gear Development advice can save you time and money in the design phase of your project because we know what works and what doesn’t when manufacturing bevel gears. ATI’s On-Site Source Inspection service allows you to place a bevel gear expert at your supplier’s facility to verify that the process and product meets your exact requirements. With our Reverse Engineering service we can replace a difficult-to-find worn or damaged bevel gear component, often with better-than-new results. And, our Trouble Shooting service helps solve difficult gear operating problems and saves our clients thousands of dollars every year.

At ATI Gear we maintain a creative, common-sense approach to bevel gear manufacturing; and you can put our nearly forty years of knowledge and experience to work with our Gear Consulting Services. Contact us today to learn more about what ATI Gear can do for you.

Quality and Reliability

At ATI Gear, quality and reliability are built into our gear manufacturing process; it is our way of life. Quality at ATI begins with careful planning for each operation of the gear manufacturing process, and continues until your parts are finished, packaged and delivered. It is reflected in our precision Gleason gear manufacturing equipment, always carefully maintained and in perfect working order. We maintain an advanced, ISO 9001- and AS9100-compliant inspection system to insure that every component we ship is defect-free and ready for use. At ATI Gear, our goal is total product reliability and uncompromising customer satisfaction with every aspect of our products and services.

You’ll find nearly four decades of bevel gear manufacturing experience and expertise at ATI Gear. And, when it comes to quality, reliability and outstanding customer service, you’ll find no better source for bevel gears.

Straight Bevel Gears, Spiral Bevel Gears, Zerol® Bevel Gears, Hypoid Gears, and Face Clutches

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