Dan Taylor, owner of ATI Gear, Inc., started manufacturing bevel gears in Michigan in 1973. Since that time, he has worked in the aerospace gear manufacturing industry and has worked with or owned several gear manufacturing companies. Dan’s nearly forty years of knowledge and expertise in all facets of bevel gear manufacturing are at the core of ATI Gear today. ATI Gear is a specialized gear manufacturer; we cut and grind bevel gears – and we do it better than just about anybody else.

We have Gleason bevel gear cutters and grinders including: Spiral Bevel Grinders, a Straight-Tooth Coniflex Grinder, and Bevel Coniflex Generators. Gleason gear cutters and grinders are known throughout the world for their quality and durability; indeed, the company invented mechanized gear cutting in 1874. Because our products are only as good as the machines they are made on, our Gleason machines are completely updated and maintained in perfect working order. We can cut a wide range of bevel gears including: Straight Bevel Gears, Spiral Bevel Gears, Zerol® Bevel Gears, Hypoid Gears, and Face Clutches.

At ATI Gear, we are known in the industry as the “go-to” guys when it comes to the most challenging bevel gear manufacturing jobs. That is because we grind complex bevel gears that most other gear manufacturers won’t touch. In fact, complex, difficult configurations in a variety of challenging materials are an ATI Gear specialty. We have produced gears for a variety of industries and demanding applications such as: Military, Aerospace, High-Speed Marine, Automotive Racing, and Commercial Aviation. ATI Gear has earned its reputation for top quality and reliability by delivering outstanding customer service and craftsmanship with every job.

When it comes to precision bevel gear cutting and grinding, ATI Gear sets the standard. The next time you need bevel gear manufacturing, give Dan at ATI a call at (702) 778-7400 or email him at dtaylor@atigear.com and let us show you a whole new level of quality, value and service.

Straight Bevel Gears, Spiral Bevel Gears, Zerol® Bevel Gears, Hypoid Gears, and Face Clutches

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